Climate Change: Evidence and Causes US Natl Academy of Sciences and UK Royal Society


Climate Change: Evidence & Causes.

National Academy Of Sciences Delivers Highly Readable Climate Change Warning

By Joe Romm on February 27, 2014 at 4:11 pm

So you’ve been wondering what to recommend to your open-minded friends who want a readable but authoritative introduction to climate change, one which answers their key questions. Look no further! The US National Academy of Sciences and the U.K. Royal Society have achieved a breakthrough in readability with their new report, “Climate Change: Evidence & Causes.” Group reports by leading climate scientists are notoriously hard to read, such as the opaque-as-squid-ink IPCC report from September. But the Academy and Society shrewdly break the mold for climate reports by starting with a Climate Change Q&A — and by beginning each answer with a short, non-technical response….

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