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A Toolkit to Help Communities Respond to a Changing Climate

Posted by Dr. John P. Holdren, Mike Boots, Lisa Monaco on November 17, 2014 at 12:45 PM EST

The Obama Administration, as part of the President’s Climate Data Initiative, released the Climate Resilience Toolkit ( which includes in their catalogue 3 tools developed and managed by Point Blue and numerous partners:

  * Future SF Bay Tidal Marshes 

  * Our Coast, Our Future 

  * California Climate Commons 


NOAA National Sea Grant Resilience Toolkit Released
Sea Grant has recently launched the National Resilience Toolkit, a combination of tools and resources developed over the past several years by the Sea Grant Network to assist local communities in becoming more resilient to climate change. As coastal populations grow, it becomes necessary for communities to become more resilient to several natural hazards, including water quality challenges, severe weather, and overall effects of climate change. Sea Grant programs are spread out across diverse communities and specialize in developing tools that are tailored to local needs. This toolkit allows users to learn about tools from across the entire network, giving them the opportunity to adapt tools for their own local needs. Each entry includes a description of the tools, a link for more information, and a point of contact. The toolkit combines more than 100 tools and will be updated as more tools are created. Visit the toolkit



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