Point Blue Conservation Science turns 50!



Point Blue Conservation Science turns 50


April 3, 2015 California Rice Commission [thanks Paul!]


By Paul Buttner Paul Buttner is Manager of Environmental Affairs for the California Rice Commission.

I was honored last month to attend an intimate celebration at the City Club in San Francisco commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Point Blue Conservation Science. It was a very classy event to celebrate a Class-A science organization with strong roots in the San Francisco region. Formerly known as PRBO Conservation Science, Point Blue is a strong science-based organization that has been at the forefront of many significant projects to inform us on the need to protect the natural world around us. The keynote speaker described Point Blue as an organization committed to advancing conservation of birds, other wildlife and ecosystems through science, partnerships, and outreach. Then he walked the audience through an all-inspiring list of accomplishments spanning 50 years.


I can certainly attest to the commitment and quality of work Point Blue has offered the California rice industry during my tenure helping to enhance the waterbird habitat benefits of California ricelands. Point Blue’s scientists have been there throughout offering the gift of their time and the tremendous value of their expertise on waterbird conservation issues. Point Blue has been a key part of the successes we’ve had in expanding the footprint of wildlife-friendly rice farming in the Sacramento Valley. As I listened to Ellie Cohen, Point Blue’s President & CEO, talk about 50 years of Point Blue’s accomplishments and looking forward to the next 50 years with innovative approaches like their new Climate Smart focus, I realized how lucky rice farmers and waterbirds will be if Point Blue is still a strong partner of the California rice at that time. Thank you Point Blue for your partnership and so many successful jobs for the benefit of wildlife and people. Looking forward to seeing many more accomplishment in the years to come.

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