Warmest January ever—global temp anomaly reaches 1.4 c!


Tracking the 2°C Limit – January 2016

By Rob Honeycutt & Skeptical Science posts: 17 February 2016


January gave us yet another record anomaly in the GISS data, coming in at 1.13C. If we apply this to our preindustrial baseline that puts the monthly anomaly at 1.382C.
(Click here for a full size version of the graph.)….


From posted comments:

  • Rob – thanks so much for this. I’ve been hunting for a couple days now, trying to determine the anamoly of this January’s temp. compared to the “pre-industrial” baseline for an article I may write for Huffington.(It’s a bit frustrating with all the different baselines that the different organizations use).  So, to be clear, it is 1.38 C, correct?  I am coming from the angle that Paris issued the “intention” to keep warming at or below 1.5C and, though it is only a single month, and probably an El Nino fueled “precursor”, it nonetheless takes us quite close to that boundary.
  • Rob Honeycutt at 06:19 AM on 19 February, 2016 dagold… The 12mo average is probably a better number (1.13°C). And even that will probably fall back down close to 1°C over the coming few years. I’d say, rough guess, not counting heat in the pipeline, we’re about half way to 2°C.  Problem is, like driving a large heavy vehicle at highway speeds, you have a lot of momentum and just can’t stop on a dime. We need to give ourselves a lot of room to slow down if we want to stay below 2°C.

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