Sharks help prevent climate change

November 7, 2016  Bournemouth University

Over fishing and shark finning may result on more greenhouse gasses and increased climate change, researchers suggest. Their new paper demonstrates the importance of protecting our oceans, and the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems….The team showed that removal of top predators, including sharks, from marine ecosystems, results in higher biomass of prey animals, greater levels of respiration and as such, higher overall levels of carbon dioxide….

Elisabeth K.A. Spiers, Richard Stafford, Mery Ramirez, Douglas F. Vera Izurieta, Mariaherminia Cornejo, Johnny Chavarria. Potential role of predators on carbon dynamics of marine ecosystems as assessed by a Bayesian belief network. Ecological Informatics, 2016; 36: 77 DOI: 10.1016/j.ecoinf.2016.10.003

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