Washington State Voters Reject Nation’s First Carbon Tax

The measure was unpopular with social justice groups and divided environmental activists, many arguing it did not go far enough in promoting clean energy.
…Initiative 732 in Washington was a landmark attempt to address climate change and was expected to raise $2 billion annually through higher prices for gasoline and fossil fuel-fired electricity. But it deeply divided environmentalists and made groups like Sierra Club aligned with the fossil fuel industry that also opposed the measure….
But it was unpopular with many social justice, environmental and health advocates who sought to use the revenue for renewable energy, mass transit and other green infrastructure projects, and to aid communities most affected by fossil fuel pollution or climate change.
The measure garned about 42 percent of the vote.
Among those who decided not to support the carbon tax were Sierra Club, the Washington Environmental Council, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Climate Solutions, and  Of the major environmental groups, only Audubon supported it and raised money for the “yes” campaign, but climate scientists and even the actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio were vocal supporters….

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