New ‘Global Weirding’ Series Informs, Entertains with scientist Katharine Hayho

Yale Climate Connections November 2016 see full article here

Scientist Katharine Hayhoe answers burning questions about global warming, and explains why everyone – yes, everyone – can care about the issue.

Here’s one insidious myth about climate change: the idea that to care about the issue, one must be a green, granola-eating, Birkenstock-wearing liberal.

Global Weirding graphic

In an entertaining new Web series called “Global Weirding,” Katharine Hayhoe swiftly debunks that myth – by describing herself. Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University, says, “I do like the color green. And I’ve been known to eat granola. But I don’t own any Birkenstocks, and I’m not a Democrat … nor a Republican.”….

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