Fish seek cooler waters leaving some nets empty in the NE

Erica Goode, NY Times, Dec 30 2016  see here for full article

POINT JUDITH, R.I. — …like many other fish on the Atlantic Coast, whiting have moved north, seeking cooler waters as ocean temperatures have risen, and they are now filling the nets of fishermen farther up the coast. Studies have found that two-thirds of marine species in the Northeast United States have shifted or extended their range as a result of ocean warming, migrating northward or outward into deeper and cooler water. Lobster, once a staple in southern New England, have decamped to Maine. Black sea bass, scup, yellowtail flounder, mackerel, herring and monkfish, to name just a few species, have all moved to accommodate changing temperatures….

…“I would be surprised if you find very many fishermen who will tell you that climate change is not happening,” he said. “I think there’s a clear recognition from everybody that this is a problem, and a lot of people are working on how to address it.” One approach being actively pursued by scientists and managers is developing methods to incorporate temperature data and other characteristics of the environment into the surveys that regulators use to set fishing quotas…