Science Matters

To put it simply, science matters—especially as global climate change and habitat loss continue to escalate.

But the alarming gag orders, recently issued to our natural resource science partners in Washington, put U.S. environmental leadership and the very well being of our planet in jeopardy.

Point Blue is trusted by our federal partners to manage millions of bird and other ecological observations to achieve our common climate-smart conservation goals.  We pledge to continue stewarding this valuable information collaboratively and transparently.

Central Sierra Project Leader Alissa Fogg. Photo by Ryan DiGaudioCentral Sierra Project Leader Alissa Fogg. Photo by Ryan DiGaudio

In these challenging times, Point Blue’s collaborative science, grounded in 52 years of conservation expertise, will continue to be a beacon of hope.

With your support, we and our many public and private partners will:

  • Enhance the benefits nature provides to humans—including clean air, fresh water, fisheries, carbon sequestration, flood control and recreation;
  • Expand climate-smart restoration from mountain meadows and rangelands to coastal streams and tidal wetlands;
  • Sustain healthy populations of birds, whales and other wildlife; and,
  • Train the next generation of conservation leaders in nature-based solutions.

Thank you for standing with Point Blue Conservation Science to secure a healthy future for wildlife and people!

-Ellie Cohen, President & CEO