Copying the censorship playbook. Scientists aren’t standing for it

The Administration keeps trying to go after scientists, and being forced to retreat

The Guardian UK  Jan 31 2017  see full article here

…During the [Bush] Administration, political appointees censored climate science reports from government agencies, and mostly got away with it by gagging the scientists. A survey found that nearly half of 1,600 government scientists at seven agencies ranging from NASA to the EPA had been warned against using terms like “global warming” in reports or speeches, throughout his eight-year presidency.  Unaccustomed to being strong-armed by their own administrators, some government scientists reacted with what former US Climate Change Science Program senior associate Rick Piltz called “an anticipatory kind of self-censorship.”

As a result, the Bush Administration’s efforts to smother scientific findings concerning global warming in government reports were remarkably effective  ….A war on science is a war he’s guaranteed to lose. [The President] can deny the science, silence the scientists, censor their reports, even fire them from government agencies – but that won’t stop the Earth from heating and its climate from changing at a dangerous rate. At best he would survive a four or eight-year term, leave the planet a worse place for future generations, and be seen as a villain in the history books.

But it looks as though scientists and journalists aren’t going to let that happen without a fight, and kudos to them for standing up to the anti-science bullies on behalf of the planet and future generations. We’ll all have to do our parts to protect science and hold the administration accountable to facts and truth for the next four years….