Game of Floods & Climate Training Toolkit- advancing adaptation

There are two versions of Game of Floods- creative approaches to advancing adaptation understanding and action.  The first, developed by Marin County (CA) targets the general public and students.  The second, was developed by the City of Baltimore and targets key stakeholders including local government officials, utility officials, community stakeholders and others.

1- The “Game of Floods” was developed by the County of Marin as a public education activity on sea level rise adaptation, including traditional flood protection measures such as levees and seawalls; green infrastructure approaches including horizontal levees, wetland restorations, and beach nourishment; and policy/zoning changes. The Game of Floods is a small group activity, with 4-6 participants tasked with developing a vision for ‘Marin Island 2050,’ a hypothetical landscape that highlights the conditions that will be experienced in Marin in coming years with sea level rise and increased storm impacts causing the loss or deterioration of homes, community facilities, roads, agricultural land, beaches, wetlands, lagoons, and other resources.

Host an adaptation planning party of your own! Email us[Word] to request a kit or download the complete Game of Floods materials[PDF]

game of flood board

2- Climate Training Toolkit: The City of Baltimore led an effort to develop a climate training toolkit for local governments to utilize as they train their own staff on opportunities to support climate adaptation and resilience progress. Products include: 1) the Climate Toolkit How-to Guide; 2) Case Studies; 3) Exercise Track; 4) Game of Floods Track; and 5) a Training Presentation (USDN- Urban Sustainability Directors Network– Innovation Fund, 2016).
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Game of Floods board