Global warming could push Earth’s rains northward, exacerbate stressed water supplies in West

  • As the Northern Hemisphere warms faster than the Southern, Earth’s rain belts may shift to the North
  • Implications for areas where water supplies are already stressed including Western US

By Andrea Thompson, Climate Central on May 31, 2017  read full article here

The Earth’s rising temperature is expected to knock the global water cycle out of whack, but exactly how it will change is uncertain. Scientists, though, can look for clues as to what the future might bring in the major climate swings that have happened in the past.

A new study that does just that suggests that Earth’s rain belts could be pushed northward as the Northern Hemisphere heats up faster than the Southern Hemisphere. That shift would happen in concert with the longstanding expectation for already wet areas to see more rain and for dry ones to become more arid.

….These changes in rain distribution could have implications for future water resources, particularly in areas where water supplies are already stressed, such as the western U.S. and parts of Africa…

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